Your standard rate

The first rate we need you to enter is your standard rate. We use this as the default price for your house, and we show it if you haven't added any special rates for the date concerned.

Don't worry if your standard rate doesn't apply for the whole year, as you can add other rates using the custom date ranges. We just need a standard rate we can use if we don't have a specific price for a date.

For example if you normally charge $100 per night, but charge $150 per night over December and January, you would have a standard rate of $100 per night, with a custom date range from 1 Dec to 31 Jan at $150 nightly.

Additional rates

You can add additional rows to your standard rate if you charge different rates for different groups of guests. You might charge more for larger groups of guests, or offer a better rate for longer stays for instance.

The important thing to remember is that the rates are all for the same time of year. The difference between them is only in the number of guests or length of stay.

If you need to add a special rate for a particular set of dates, then you should add a custom date range.

Custom date ranges

Custom date ranges allow you to add additional pricing for special times of the year.

Many of our house owners charge more over the busy summer period for example. You might also want to offer low rates in your off-peak season, to encourage more renters to book with you.

You can add as many custom date ranges as you need to show what you will charge renters. The key thing is that they are arranged into dates. You can have a mixture of nightly and weekly rates in any custom date range, and you can even have multiple nightly or weekly rates, e.g. if you charge $100 per night for two guests, $120 per night for four guests and $110 per night for four guests staying for at least three days.

Don’t forget to add a title to your custom date range, so they’re easy to keep track of.

Weekend rates

You can also add weekend rates.

Weekend rates are nightly rates that apply on Friday and Saturday nights. We'll use the weekend rate instead of the normal nightly rate if you choose to add one.

You don't need to add weekend rates though, and if you choose not to we'll use your nightly rate for every night of the week.

Problems adding rates

Rates for some holiday houses can be very complex, so our system lets you add as many custom rates as you need to record them all. Sometimes the form won't let you save your rates though, because your latest entry conflicts with an earlier rate you've recorded.

The form to add rates is pretty smart and it will alert you if there is a problem with your entries. You can’t have two date ranges that overlap for instance, and you can’t have two rates for the same booking criteria for the same night.

Example 1: Duplicate dates

These two nightly rates are both for four guests between 1 Dec and 31 Jan. It isn't clear which rate applies, so the form lets you know there is a conflict.

What should I do?

You can resolve this conflict by changing the criteria for the second row. You could change any or all of the following:

  • The duration of the stay (change it to weekly for example).
  • The number of guests the rate applies to.
  • The minimum number of nights required for this rate.

If you want to charge $140 for 4 guests at a different time of year you need to set up a new custom date range.

Example 2: Overlapping date ranges

These two date ranges overlap, and it isn't clear which rate applies on some dates. For example what is the charge for 25 Jan? The form lets you know there is a conflict and you won't be able to sav your rates until that is fixed.

What should I do?

You can resolve this conflict by changing the date range for either row. For example:

  • Set the first custom range to end on 19 Jan.
  • Or you could set the second range to start on 1 Feb.

If you're still having trouble please drop us a line using our handy contact us page. We'll be happy to help you out!

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